Coming soon: Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

Mercedes is finally getting into gear with its next-gen electric models, this new EQS SUV building on the related EQS saloon to deliver greater practicality, a seven-seater option and more conventional crossover styling. With electric motors driving both front and rear wheels on 4Matic models, the EQS SUV also gets a degree of off-road ability to deliver on the tougher looks.
At launch the EQS SUV will be available in two-wheel drive 450+ and all-wheel drive 450 4Matic trim with 360 horsepower and as the top of the range, 544 horsepower 580 4Matic. All offer impressive range of well over 300 miles, the 450+ doing the best here with a quoted maximum of 410 miles according to Mercedes’ figures.

This demonstrates the benefits of being built from the start as an electric car, rather than adapted from an existing ICE (internal combustion engine) one like the EQA, EQB and EQC Mercedes has based its battery electric range on so far. While refined and well-built these models are less impressive on interior space, range and performance than some rivals, the EQS SUV meaning Mercedes can go head-to-head with similar pure-electric luxury SUVs like the BMW iX and Tesla Model X.
And at over five metres long the EQS SUV will certainly have plenty of room, with standard powered adjustment for the second row of seats and, Mercedes boasts, space for four golf bags in the boot. This perhaps reveals much about the intended demographic but, for families with a taste for luxury, you’ll be able to get the EQS SUV with an additional third row of seats as an option, with “extensive comfort features for all passengers” available as a further upgrade still.

Given that size you may worry the EQS SUV will be a bit of a lump to manoeuvre in tight spaces but Mercedes has thought of that and included rear-wheel steering as standard to help it feel smaller than it actually is. As seen on the EQS saloon you can also upgrade this further for increased movement from the rear wheels. From the outside it can look a bit odd seeing both front and rear wheels move but it reduces the turning circle by nearly a metre and make all the difference in tight spaces.

Interestingly, Mercedes will be offering this improved steering functionality as an over the air upgrade you can buy at a later date, a business model more and more luxury brands are adopting as connected tech gets ever more sophisticated. Other features you can add down the line as you need them include Trailer Manoeuvring Assist and Augmented Reality Navigation, increasing the options for both first owners and those buying later as a used model.
One option you will need to choose at purchase is Mercedes’ signature Hyperscreen dashboard, which integrates three screens into one full-width display. Already seen on the EQS saloon it’s a truly impressive demonstration of onboard tech, with passengers able to sit back and watch their own entertainment while the driver gets navigation and other instrumentation. Don’t think you’ll be able to sneak a look at what your passenger is watching if you are in the driver’s seat, though, because the car can actually track your eye movements and dims the passenger’s screen if it thinks you’re looking at it.

These are mere highlights from the EQS SUV’s formidable array of tech. But with the EQS, smaller EQE and now this new EQS SUV it seems Mercedes is finally getting serious about its electric technology, and ready to take the values of luxury and sophistication it knows so well out of the ICE age and into the electric future.

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