Best Utility Vehicle 2020 – Volkswagen Amarok

It’s a three-horse race in this category, with all our utility vehicles offering a similar package of burly, dependable pick-up practicality, on- and off-road performance and the inherent toughness you’d expect for a working vehicle.
The Mercedes-Benz X-Class and Isuzu D-Max both impressed but the top prize goes to the VW Amarok, its combination of toughness and style endearing it to both commercial users and lifestyle owners, the latter attracted by the tough image.
“It is large, very adaptable and can carry large, bulky items very easily,” said one owner, who also praised its surprising refinement. “Extremely comfortable on a long drive, handles the state of the roads very easily.”
“The V6 engine is smooth, and the gearbox is amazing,” said another. “The quality of the interior is good, with lots of features.”

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